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      Sensation!!! Team Vorarlberg finishes the Race Around Austria with a new course record!

      Sensation!!! Team Vorarlberg finishes the Race Around Austria with a new course record!


      Photo: ©Unterberger Th

      With a time of 2 days 12 hours and 20 minutes, the strong 4-man Team Vorarlberg set a sign at the legendary Race Around Austra and sensationally finished with a new course record.

      In consistently warm temperatures Maximilian Kuen, Daniel Ganahl, Nikolas Riegler and Swiss guest rider Peter Inauen started the toughest bike race in Europe last Thursday evening in St. Georgen im Attergau. The Race Around Austria demands everything from the riders as well as from the organization and helpers team. It is non-stop 2,200 kilometers along the border roads around Austria and conquer an incredible 30,000 meters of altitude.

      New course record by Team Vorarlberg

      The four highly motivated riders of Team Vorarlberg mastered the route excellently and also mastered the more difficult section with Großglockner, Kühtai, Bielerhöhe, Faschina and Hochtannberg. In the end it was enough for a new course record. With a time of 2 days 12 hours and 20 minutes the sensation is perfect. The four cracks from Team Vorarlberg have beaten the previous course record by 1 hour and 17 minutes.

      Jürgen Schatzmann - team leader: "It was a very special challenge for everyone. Especially the logistics of such a race are enormous. It requires a meticulous organization in advance as well as a perfectly organized team of navigators, mechanics, physiotherapists and other helpers during the race. Without them, such a race would not be possible. Of course, the special conditions such as sleep deprivation, a non-stop operation over days and weather conditions are added. It was a brilliant experience with many challenges that were overcome together. That's why this course record is a special victory for everyone! "

      Maximilian Kuen: "Everything went right all around and it was optimal conditions. A big thanks also goes to the support staff in the background, who looked after us perfectly all round. Only in this way has this course record become possible at all."

      Nikolas Riegler: "At the beginning of the race we simply looked at the planned driver change technique and quickly got into a good mode. Everything just fit and was a lot of fun with the motivated colleagues."


      Driver Team Vorarlberg:
      Daniel Ganahl (AUT), Nikolas Riegler (AUT), Maximilian Kuen (AUT) and Peter Inauen (SUI)*.
      * Peter Inauen starts as guest rider for Team Vorarlberg

       Start and finish location: St. Georgen am Attersee (Upper Austria)
      Course length: 2,200 kilometers
      Altitude difference: 30.000 meters
      Number of attendants: 12 persons (3 vehicles)
      Average speed: 35,94 km/h
      New course record: 2 days - 12 hours - 20 minutes

      Introducing the WING/20c

      Introducing the WING/20c

       The WING/20c features our new shape that is optimized for aerodynamics as well as strength and stiffness.  It also offers the ability to alter the hand grip position by 20mm.

       The truncated aerofoil shape of the basebar is a key element of the balance between aerodynamics, strength and comfort.

      The WING/20c is available in the following widths: 38, 40, 42cm

      Ability to flip the bar makes it easier for riders to find a comfortable position by the brake levers.

      Cable routing has been designed with flip feature and modern tri bikes in mind.

      The NEOSONIC/ERGO/45ar

      The NEOSONIC/ERGO/45ar

      The Neosonic bracket offers our new generation fit range with a large offset to suit a range of applications Pairing this bracket with the ergo armrest offers industry leading fit options and greater comfort. With the 45AR extensions this is the most versatile DL style bar we’ve ever made.

      The Neosonic/Ergo platform is designed to give riders the option to move the armrests well behind the basebar in order to adopt a compact position. This bar can be used for draft legal triathlon once shortened to meet the ITU rules.

      There are 80 distinct position options achievable just by moving the armrests - this gives an unprecedented level of adjustment for a shorty aerobar.

      The Neosonic/Ergo/45ra aerobar offers comprehensive yet simple adjustment, ideally suited to riders wishing to add aerobars to their road, gravel or packing bike. Pairing perfectly with the DRV/GMR Riser Gravel Bar

      Introducing the DRV/GMR Riser Gravel Bar

      Introducing the DRV/GMR Riser Gravel Bar

      The DRV/GMR is the product of a complete rethink of our gravel drop bar - offering enhanced fit options and greater comfort than before.

      Where most gravel bars flare the drops we’ve kept the upper part of the drops straight, with a significant flare in the lower part of the drops.

      This is to allow the levers to be held in the way they were designed. Additionally we’ve added 9mm of rise on the tops and hoods (compared to our other DRV bars) to facilitate a higher position.

      Of course, we have ensured that this bar is compatible with the majority of our range of clip on aerobars.


      The HSF Aerodrink 880

      The HSF Aerodrink 880

      The HSF Aerodrink 880 follows in the footsteps of the Aerodrink with updated features.  This Front-end hydration system easily mounts between aerobars so you don't have to deviate from the aero position to stay hydrated. 

      MORE INFO>


      • Flexible hose with bite valve.
      • Flip cap for refill port.
      • Secure mounting bracket and easy to remove bottle.
      • Straw can be mounted in either the front or rear.
      • Shape design to improve air flow onto the frame.

      MORE INFO>

      Additionally, the shape of the bottle has been designed to hide the included mounting bracket from the wind. We worked to minimize frontal area wherever possible to avoid adding aero drag to your setup.