BMC Speedmachine + Profile Design 43ASC!

The BMC Speedmachine is the result of a five-year project combining Formula 1 & cycling expertise, bringing together BMC & Red Bull Racing tech to create the world's fastest TT & triathlon bike!

GTN  got their hands on it for a first ride!

 43ASC Extensions

When designing these extensions we wanted to utilize carbon fibers' natural ability to be shaped into an aerodynamic form while still providing a good amount of strength and rigidity, hence ASC stands for Aero Shaped Carbon.

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Ergo Armrest Kit

The Ergo is the core of our new family of fit and comfort  focused armrests. It offers a smoothly curved shape designed to comfortably cup the elbows while providing good support and control. The bolt pattern yields 48 possible configurations just by moving the armrest. The Ergo is compatible with all current aerobars and earlier models that used the F-19, F-22, F-35 or F-40 armrests.

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