When designing these extensions we wanted to utilize carbon fibers' natural ability to be shaped into an aerodynamic form while still providing a good amount of strength and rigidity, hence ASC stands for Aero Shaped Carbon.

Profile Design 52 ASC Carbon Extensions Side View

The 52ASC follows on from our hugely popular first Aero Shaped Carbon extension (The 43ASC) with increased grip angle.

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Profile Design 52 ASC Carbon Extensions Front View Action Shoot

The front section (from the wrist fin forward) has been angled up by 9 degrees to give a 52 degree grip angle and comfortable wrist support.

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Additionally the grip has been lengthened by 20mm to provide more comfort for users of SRAM Blips. The grip can be trimmed to suit.


The 52ASC will be a strong contender for the title of 'most comfortable aero extensions' at least for standard aerobar brackets.

The fit by the wrist area is designed to smooth airflow over the arm and to increase contact area which will provide some extra comfort and to give you more control over your bike. The shape was optimised using CFD to minimise drag without sacrificing strength.

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