Profile Design is a leader in both amateur and professional athlete sponsorship. However, as much as we would like to, we can't sponsor everyone. Please be realistic about your reason for applying. Are you an ambassador for the sport? How will you support our brand? To apply for sponsorship, send a well-written, spellchecked proposal by email to customerservice@profile-design.com. A successful individual proposal will include an athlete's background, race experience, short- and long-term goals, schedule for the upcoming season, and ideally, good photos. Show us that you care and that you're ready to represent Profile Design to the public by editing and proofreading your letter.

We are strongly in support of helping grass roots events whenever possible. However we do get a lot of requests for events support and, unfortunately can't be involved with every event. To be considered, send a proposal to customerservice@profile-design.com.

Check out the Dealer locator page on our web site. It's the best way for you to find your closest Profile Design shop.

If the bike shop or mail order company that you purchased the product from can't answer your question, you can e-mail your question to customerservice@profile-design.com, or call (888) 800-5999 ext 161, and ask to speak with someone on our Customer Service team. 

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Our staff of cyclists know every detail of the product line, what products work best and size-related specifics. 

Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to: Profile Design: Stickers Please, 2677 El Presidio Street, Long Beach, CA 90810.

You can grab a PDF of the latest catalogs by clicking here. All Profile Design products are shown on this site too.

The best thing to do is have the shop you purchased the product from do the installation. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have the right tools (torque wrench for all carbon parts is mandatory). Follow the installation instructions provided with the product. If you need another copy of your installation instructions, you can download the PDF from by Clicking Here or email warranty@profile-design.com describing the exact model of your component, the damage or problem you experienced, and your contact information. We will send you a warranty form that you can fill out and mail in with the product. Or, call us at 888-800-5999 ext. 161. To view the complete warranty, go to the warranty page of the website.

Insider Tip: In the bike industry, the most infamous type of warranty is the JRA, or "Just Riding Along". If your fancy handlebar is destroyed, you probably weren't "just riding along" when it happened. So please, give us all the information about your warranty. It will allow us to serve you better. You can learn more about our warranty policies below.

Sometimes it's our athletes that come up with an idea for a new part, sometimes it's our product development guys, and sometimes it's one of our sales guys. If it's a good idea, we run with it – regardless of where the idea came from.

The 31.8mm standard is simply a larger diameter format for stems and handlebars. It is sometimes designated as "oversize", "OS", "NS" (New Standard), etc.

For a long time, mountain bike handlebars used a 25.4mm (1") diameter at the clamp area. A slightly larger 31.8mm diameter provides greater stiffness with little additional weight. Since many road bikes use 31.8mm bars, stems can also be swapped between a wider range of bikes.

By 2005 most manufacturers of bikes and components have switched to the 31.8mm standard for the majority of their high-performance products. Keep in mind that any bar and stem used together must be the same size, whether 26.0, 25.4 or 31.8.

Yes, you can cut down carbon bars and posts. For best results, take your component to a local bike shop for advice and service.

To cut the component yourself, wrap it in a soft, removable tape such as masking tape to avoid splintering the carbon. Clamp the part carefully, being sure not to overstress the carbon tubes, and cut at your carefully measured mark with a fine-tooth hacksaw. Use a guide if possible. File the edges with sandpaper or a fine file until smooth.

Special note on posts: Please note that certain Profile Design posts have a reinforced clamping zone between the minimum and maximum insertion point. If you cut down such a post, it must still be clamped within the reinforced zone, leaving at least 88mm of the tube inserted into your frame.

Special note on bars: Profile Design carbon bars are reinforced at the tips for use with bar-ends. If you cut them down, you will remove the reinforced zone, and the bars will no longer be approved for use with bar-ends. (note that any modifications, such as cutting bars or posts, will void the warranty.)

Profile Design does offer direct sales through our website www.profile-design.comLocal bikes shops are the best place to buy Profile Design components 

It is critical to use a seatpost that exactly matches the inside diameter of your seat tube. A difference of even .1mm can cause the post to slip or bend. Therefore, you should contact the manufacturer of your frame to determine the required seatpost size. You can also measure your existing post with high-quality calipers, but even this technique is prone to error. Consider taking your bike to a local bike shop to be measured and fitted with an appropriate post.

If you still don't see the answer to your question, please email us at customerservice@profile-design.com.

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