Introducing the 43ASC Extensions

When designing these extensions we wanted to utilize carbon fibers' natural ability to be shaped into an aerodynamic form while still providing a good amount of strength and rigidity, hence ASC stands for Aero Shaped Carbon.

Looking at the grip section, we have a  87mm rise from the base of the extension to the grip with the grip angle being set at 43 degrees.

The reason we went with a 43 degrees grip angle was to give a neutral wrist position which helps the rider to be in a more relaxed position and the key to speed is relaxation.

The fin by the wrist area is designed to smooth airflow over the arm and to increase contact area which will provide some extra comfort and to give you more control over your bike.

The 43ASC is intended to optimize the aerodynamics of your existing bars but pairs exceptionally well with either the Race+ or Ergo+ armrest. Giving you the ideal supportive position which again will help you be relaxed while riding and as we mentioned… the key to speed is relaxation.