58/TWENTYFOUR Clincher ii

58/TWENTYFOUR Clincher ii

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Brake Performance

Specifically formulated to withstand the same heat our rims can take on, our brake pad compound is exclusive for TwentyFour Series wheelsets. Using a specially formulated rubber compound, durometer and friction agent, we developed a proprietary brake pad and reduced braking distances over that of other carbon fiber wheelsets. 


TwentyFour Series hubs are forged from 6061-T6 Aluminum then precision machined with a tolerance of 100th of a millimeter increasing durability, strength and stiffness. The freehub body is machined from 7001-T6 Aluminum then shot peened hard anodized to create an 18% increase in material strength compared to standard aluminum freehubs. 


Course Modelling

We worked with SpeedTheory to break down popular road and triathlon courses into thousands of segments, mapping the performance of our wheels against historical wind speeds, angles and race day conditions around the world. 

CFD Engineered Rim Profiles

We designed, tested and revised hundreds of rim shapes to find the very nuances that affect crosswind feedback and handling. Manipulating width, width location, depth and conicity, we sorted through months of generated data to select the highest performing rim profiles.



Our proprietary high Tg point resin is 30% higher than other “high” Tg resins. A rim that can withstand more heat leads to braking performance unseen on other carbon rims.

Rim Width (Outside):



Aero spoke - Sapim cx-ray aero spoke(black), alloy double square nipple 14G/16mm / 2.0mm(black)

Front Hub:

20 spoke count , 9 mm OD,skewer, 100mm , L/R symmetry ,105g

Rear Hub:

24 spoke count, 10 mm skewer, 130mm,3 paws, L/R symmetry ,239g.

Front Wheel Assembly:

Front radial , L/R symmetry

Rear wheel assembly:

Rear 2 cross. L/R symmetry


Front: 770g – Rear: 1025g – Total: 1795g

"..the braking performance was virtually unchanged in transitions from dry to wet to monsoon left us all but astounded that these could be carbon brake track wheels, and yet they were. In this case, “impressed” is too light a word—we were floored." - AeroGeeks.com 'First Ride'
"Either Profile Design equipped these wheels with tiny motors or they’re naturally disconcertingly quick...We aren’t sure what mojo Profile Design has worked on the braking surface of the 24 Series, but we are reasonably certain that it involves black magic." - AeroGeeks.com 'Final Thoughts'
"Most brands offering aero wheels at this price range all cheapen wheel construction to drop the price tag; Profile Design builds its relatively affordable aero wheel with the same all-carbon construction of the most expensive options." -2014 Triathlete Buyer's Guide
220Triathlon names TwentyFour Series wheels the BEST BUY of 2014
2014 LAVA Magazine Gear of the Year nominee
"These wheels have one speed. FAST." - SpeedTheory's Environmental Testing Project pit our TwentyFour Series wheelsets against some of the most popular wheels on the market on some of the most popular race courses in the world. Conclusion? The TwentyFour Series will get you to the finish first.
"Stopping power is fantastic with a strong initial bite and minimal fading. For [the great price], you’d be hard pressed to find a better set of race day wheels." - Triathlete.com