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We, as a sport, tend to have short memories. “Whatever happened to…” is a question that gets thrown around AeroGeeks HQ on a nearly daily basis. In most cases, the answer is simple: nothing happened, but other companies released their own products that weren’t necessarily better, just newer. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Here’s the thing; most products that end up with this fate are good enough, but not exceptional. Standing out from the crowd is hard, and keeping ahead of ones’ competitors for any significant length of time is harder still. It takes a special something to keep a product stuck in our minds, and we’re starting to think that Profile Design’s TwentyFour Series 58/78 wheels just might have it.

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Dubbed the world’s toughest triathlon, Profile Design Speed Team pros Dylan McNeice and Candice Hammond commanded huge wins at Challege Wanaka. McNeice, who also won the 2013 event in his Iron distance debut, became the first male athlete to successfully defend their title in Wanaka’s 7-year history. On the women’s side, Candice Hammond, ended Gina Crawford’s win streak and surged to the win in 9:33:54, nearly 8 minutes in the lead.

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