Team KOGA Ladies Season Finale

An intense but successful season draws to a close and the KOGA Ladies of RSF Borken have put together an impressive series of wins and top placings. In the so-called “silly season”, between the end of the Thüringen Rundfahrt and the wheel-Bundesliga finale last weekend in Cottbus, the KOGA Ladies gained another 9 wins and 8 podiums in various circuit races. Wiebke Rodieck and Simona Janke were outstanding in this period, each with 3 wins while Carolin Ship, Yvonne Fiedler and Christina Koep each contributed a victory of their own. With these great results in the bag only Cottbus large wheel-Bundesliga Finale 2015 remained. This double event included an individual time trial over 15 kilometers on Saturday followed by the longest road race in the BL series 127 km away on Sunday. In these final races, the goal was to secure the 2nd place overall team rating as well as the 1st place youth classification for Wiebke Rodieck. An 11th place by Madeleine Ortmüller, 13th by Bianca lust and 17th place by Wiebke Rodieck on Saturday guaranteed a 3rd place in the daily team classification, and tightened the 2nd place overall in the team standings. The next day began the final race of the BL series. Wiebke Rodieck was 2nd overall and finished 3rd on the day while KOGA Ladies Lisa Küllmer and Carolin ship finished 5th and 7th place respectively securing the victory in the team standings. These positive results brought the end of the KOGA Ladies season and locked both the 2nd place in the team standings for the Koga Ladies and the victory for Wiebke Rodieck in the junior standings for Wheel Bundesliga 2015. Twin sister Inga came in 3rd place in the standings. The team management was proud and impressive on this successful season finale.