Best In Class: The FC 25

Best In Class: The FC 25 just released their 2017 buyer's guide and we could not agree more that the FC 25 is one of the best in class. " Lighter and sleeker than its big brother (the $110 FC35), the FC25 may be a better choice for triathletes who are less confident and stable in the aerobars thanks to its lower weight and slimmer profile when battling side winds. Options abound when it comes to personalizing set-up; stick your straw fore or aft and left or right of the main reservoir. The whole system operates simply, with intuitive ergonomics that allow you to quickly drink, eat or refill fluids on the fly, and the no-splash port works flawlessly. The forward computer mount location is ideal for clear viewing, especially with the straw tucked away on the side and out of your line of vision." Read more at"

Pro Bike: Laura Siddall’s CEEPO Viper-R

Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images Pro Bike: Laura Siddall’s CEEPO Viper-R Huge congrats to Laura for her second place at this past weekends IRONMAN NZ! Here'a recent look into her setup from the good people over at "Great Britain’s Laura Siddall ( has been in fine and improving form over the past couple of years. The former multiple World Age-Group Champion has well an truly made the transition to top performing professional. Less than two weeks ago she came within 28 seconds of victory at Challenge Wanaka after a race-long battle with Yvonne van Vlerken. That was her third consecutive second place at the “world’s most scenic long distance triathlon“.

Ironman Cartagena de Indias,

Ironman's first edition in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia was a great success last Dec 4th 2016. More than 2000 athletes from 30 different countries entered, fulfilling their dreams and goals. Profile Design was there to help making this happen.  Congratulations to all the people involved in this fantastic event and specially to the athletes!  

58/Twentyfour Wheel Review!

“With price, convenience and performance all taken into account, it’s hard to look past the Profile Design 58/Twenty Fours.” Click the link below to read about how the 58/Twentfour series wheels stack up against the competition when taking into account all multiple factors such as performance, handling and price.   Click here to check out the 58/Twentyfour wheel set. Or click here if you are looking for a full carbon disc brake wheel.

Slowtwitch Reviews the J5/F40TT

Slowtwitch Reviews the J5/F40TT We put a lot of time and research into all of our products fit metrics but the most recent advancements made from of our years of research are the new J5 bracket, F40TT and the Aeria Ultimate. Head over to for a great in-depth review of our J5/F40TT and some info on the all new Aeria Ultimate. "Another element I loved about the J4/F35 was how wide you could adjust the pads without any kind of bracing system. Same with the J5 except you can adjust it even wider and as opposed to the 3 width options with the J4 there are 8 with the J5"

Team Endurance for MS

  Team Endurance for MS Join @teamendurancefundraces to race for more than just a PR. Together they raise funds and race to support research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. We are excited to see @teamendurancefundraces training and racing with Profile Design gear in 2017. They race not just for PR’s but also to raise funds towards research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Join by May 15 for complete benefit package. Grab your gear and join @teamendurancefundraces and race for more than just a PR. Any race, Any Place we have the fundraising plan for you to train, race, and make a difference in funding research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Team Endurance for MS is open for membership for the 2017 season. Members may choose to race in the official team home race, Trifest for MS, or in any race of their choosing through the Any Race, Any Place program. Interested athletes may join or get additional information at

How to Choose Aero Handlebars

How to Choose Aero Handlebars Ex-Professional Cyclist Simon Richardson explains everything you need to know about making your decision.Essentially there are 2 basic choices to make, either a fully integrated bar or a clip-on version. Without a doubt, the easiest to install are clip-on bars, but the fully integrated bars are likely to offer the biggest gains. However, it's a personal decision and the best thing to do is visit a bike-fitter for assistance.

Braden and Laura come out on top at IM NZ

IRONMAN NZ is in the books and it was a great weekend for Profile Design athletes Braden Currie who placed first and Laura Siddall who placed a strong second. "Currie swam among the lead group, then was second off the bike as windy conditions battered the competitors in Taupo. On the run, he was able to chase down a spent Terenzo Bozzone and never look back." "Behind McCauley, Laura Siddall showed a plethora of tenacity to run her way back up into second. It was an inspiring effort from the Brit who had also registered the fastest bike split for the second time in two weeks."