Profile Design - T+ Series Carbon Aerobars

T+ Series Carbon Aerobars sets the standard for ease of use and adjustability. With five unique extension bends, every rider can find their optimal aero position. And paired with the J5 bracket, the system gives you the greatest range of adjustment in the market. The new J5 bracket with the streamlined Inline Compression Clamp (ICC), this bar provides single bolt extension adjustment making dialing in your fit simple and easy. The F40tt armrest gives the system enormous range of reach and width adjustability. Velcro-bracketed EVA Foam pads affix directly to armrests without the need for additional straps. The ergonomic surface with contoured edges increases comfort and rider control while in the aero position. To further tailor your choose between the standard 16mm pad and the optional 20mm LUX Pad. Capability with aerobar bracket risers allows you to increase stack up to 70mm, making all T+ Aluminum series extensions adaptable for low, moderate and high stack heights. Check out the entire T+ Aluminum series at Instagram: @profile_design Facebook: Twitter:

Profile Design - WBS Unit

The Water Bottle Storage Unit is designed to carry the essentials; including CO2 cartridges, inflaters, spare tubes, keys, credit cards, etc. Rattling of keys and tools is silenced by foam insulation. Durable threaded cap keeps it secured. Check it out now!   Instagram: @profile_design Facebook: Twitter: